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The negatives of road accidents and its implications are now a well-known fact. The latest data about road accidents in India clearly states that there is one death every 4 minutes and one accident every minute.
An emotional idea of saving lives on Indian roads resulted in the creation of Club D2S-Drive Smart Drive Safe.

D2S is a Section 25 Company, an NGO that aims to educate people on road safety and the impact on reducing road accidents and deaths due the same on Indian roads. With the presence of D2S we intend to reduce the occurrence of conditions that intensify the fatalities on roads like accidents due to poor visibility and less use of dip beam lights, vehicles not being seen, drivers negligence and fatigue, negligence of safety norms, drunken driving, speeding, and actions like dangerous overtaking, lane cutting etc.

We strive to educate the masses through awareness rallies, safety campaigns, street plays, and special informative creative, electronic media and social media campaigns and to impact reducing the number of accidents. The focus will be on strengthening the connection with the citizens towards best practices in vehicle maintenance and upkeep, ensuring proper visibility and adequate signaling devices. We are now associated with schools in Delhi and Pune, where students have been actively involved in Walkathons and painting competitions to express their understanding of traffic in India.

  • Almost 25% of the total accidents are the fatal accidents in India.
  • An average of one fatality per 3.5 accidents occurs in India.
  • Road safety is emerging as a rising social concern due to the alarming level of Road Deaths on Indian Roads.
  • 18 people die and more than 60 are seriously injured every hour in road accidents in India.
  • 80% of victims do not receive any medical care within the Golden Hour.
  • The annual economic loss is close to 2.5% of India’s annual GDP (Planning Commission of India).
  • WHO predicts that road traffic injuries will rise to become the fifth leading cause of death by 2030.
  • 35% of Accidental Death in India is due to Road Accidents.
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